About Francis Barthe
40 years of passionated experience in jewelery and gemstones
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About Us

Our services are designed for jewelry designers, boutiques and brands wanting to develop and produce their own range of jewelry. We mainly manufacture gold and silver jewelry, using precious or semi-precious stones, but if requested, we also manufacture other metals such as platinum, brass or wood for example.


Passionate about gemology for more than 40 years, Francis Barthe has visited mines in the countries of origin of gemstones, all around the world. He has developed his taste and sources, for semi-precious stones (such as tsavorite, tanzanite, tourmaline, “chrome” tourmaline) or gemstones of high quality (ruby and sapphires, etc). We have the contacts to satisfy your needs. Also, our reputation and extensive work have given us access to an impressive network of diamonds. A wide variety of materials is available via our workshop. Established in Bangkokfor more than 20 years, we have built a network and can outsource for you, mother of pearl, leather, ray skin (galucha), wood, enamel, etc. from trusted and reliable suppliers. We develop the waxes from simple sketches or drawings, no need professional’s computerized design. Our knowledge helps to also advise on savings by reducing unnecessary expenses during the production while keeping the quality at its maximum.

Nim is working in the Workshop building a bracelet Nim is working in the Workshop building a bracelet

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